1. Getting the first miles in

    Reading time: 3 minutes
    Posted last month

    I finished the draft of the third chapter today. After some proof reading of my own, it will be off to the editor for the first review. After writing a couple of chapters, it's a good time to do a bit of reflecting on the go.

    I really enjoy writing this sort of content. Having the structure of the entire book laid out beforehand also really helps in making sure that I focus on a specific topic at a time. Without, I think I would be tempted to start drifting off topic by elaborating on more niche or advanced techniques.

  2. Writing the Product Information

    Reading time: 1 minute
    Posted 2 months ago

    I've been working on another starter document, the Product Information piece. This is not necessarily part of the book itself, but is key to the success, since it holds the marketing texts and information.

    This is a bit of a different mindset, because this is about trying to condense the contents of the book (which doesn't exist yet) into enticing commercial texts of varied lengths!

  3. First stage of writing

    Reading time: 2 minutes
    Posted 2 months ago

    This morning I've met with my support team from the publisher. They will help me guide through the process of writing and publishing a book. (Well in all honesty, they are going to do the publishing part. I just have to provide the content).

    This means we passed a couple of steps already. I've signed the agreement to get the whole process in motion. I've even been assigned an ISBN number (life goals 🙌).

  4. I'm writing a book!

    Reading time: 3 minutes
    Posted 2 months ago

    As the great fictional professor Hubert J. Farnsworth said: "Good news everyone!". I'm going to be an author! After a short process of creating an outline and some back and forth between a publisher, I've been given the green light on writing a book on VueJS projects.

    This is something I've never done before. The most writing experience I have so far is writing on my personal website, posting articles on Medium and Dev.to and one publication, which was my sole experience working with an editor.