First stage of writing

Posted last year
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This morning I've met with my support team from the publisher. They will help me guide through the process of writing and publishing a book. (Well in all honesty, they are going to do the publishing part. I just have to provide the content).

This means we passed a couple of steps already. I've signed the agreement to get the whole process in motion. I've even been assigned an ISBN number (life goals 🙌).

Last week we worked on finalising the planning, where we agreed upon first and final delivery dates of every chapter. At this point, I'm optimistic in being able to move a bit faster than the planning, but we'll see how the editing process goes. 😅

As for my personal organisation: I'm organising my notes in Notion, where I can freely add any content I like and access it from anywhere. (I am also very tempted to start using Notion as a CMS for my website, but that's a different chapter altogether). I've added the deadlines to my calendar, with timely notifications. And I've added a bunch of tasks to a Trello board. I'm pretty sure I can use Notion for that as well, but this was quick to set up.

My first assignment now is to finalise the Product Information Document, where we'll document the target audience, goal and USPs of the book. This will act as a guide in structuring the content and validating the alignment of the content to the goals.

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