Work history

  1. Jumbo Supermarkten

    Within the Jumbo Tech Campus (JTC) I'm in the lead for the team that governs and owns the Component Library (Kompas). I am tasked with developing and guarding the vision and guiding principles while motivating designers and developers to participate in contributions and foster the adoption of the Component Library.

    Working on innovation, I am involved in attracting and supervising students in order to facilitate cooperation between study programs and the professional field. Where I've established a collaboration between Fontys University of Applied Science (Fontys InnovationLab) and the Jumbo Tech Campus.

    As a speaker I am actively seeking out the development community and explain what it means to work for the second largest grocery chain in the Netherlands and how we facilitate collaboration and team ownership in our way of working.

    In the past I worked as a senior frontend developer for the Jumbo Inspiration Team. Developing a platform with which online promotions and campaigns can be published in an accessible manner. My job was to develop components that are integrated into the configuration platform or into the campaign pages themselves.

  2. Greenhouse

    As a senior frontend developer I am responsible for the development of the dashboard for a reporting tool (BAAS). This tool is used by marketers of the Greenhouse (formerly: Greenhouse Group) to be able to assess all campaign data at a glance and adjust where necessary. I've closely collaborated with the UX designer on developing a common design language and working on designing improvements to this system.

    I am also involved as a coach at Greenhouse Group Labs, a department where experiments are conducted with the latest techniques, with a view to practical applications.

  3. Capgemini

    In my role as a consultant for Capgemini I have worked on different types of projects. I consult and advise clients and colleagues about working methods and techniques to be used. As a front-end developer I find myself at the interface of design, technology and interaction. I am involved in the development of prototypes, but also in the realization and delivery of iterations during sprints.

  4. The Cre8ion.Lab

    During my work for The Cre8ion.Lab, in addition to my regular work as a developer, I was a sounding board and sparring partner for our project managers and I manage external parties.


  1. Jumbo Front End Platform

    To unify the landscape that's made up of individual applications dealing with the eCommerce customer journey, we've been building on the Front End Platform. This platform is made up of a collection of subsystems that work together in delivering a consistent user interface and speed up both the development of new features as giving content editors more control on their domain.

    My role has started as advisory in what guidelines the different systems should follow to maintain the philosophy of separating concerns within the platform. I am also involved in defining and actively play a part on onboarding new teams to work with the platform, in a developer advocate type role.

    The process of designing and building the frontend platform for eCommerce has been used as the main topic for some of the speaking engagements I've had.

  2. Web Color Tool

    When working with colours in web, you occasionally need to convert or visualise colours to (re)use them in CSS definitions. To quickly visualise a colour scheme and being able to read into various notations per colour, I've created a simply web app that takes in a string of formatted colours and outputs them in a coloured grid for ease of usage.

    It should be pretty straightforward in usage and you can check it out on

  3. Jumbo Inspiration

    Jumbo executes various (types of) campaigns every year, which are set up and published in-house. In order to support the different pages and flows, I'm part of the team which is building a platform. The goal of the platform is to act as a toolbox from which we could launch a new campaign within one day, without the need for technical support.

    The content of the campaigns is managed in Adobe Experience Manager (AEM). A separate custom developed platform (CloudAdmin) has been set up for managing the forms and flows. The pages are built from Vue components, with attention to SEO and accessibility.

  4. Jumbo Kompas

    In order to guarantee an omnichannel experience, Jumbo is working on its own design system, Kompas. Kompas consists of the documentation and components that are suitable for both web and app applications. The goal is to facilitate communication between design and development and to build user interfaces faster with the standard components within the Jumbo branding and styling.

    My role started out as advisory in how to set up the guidelines regarding development and maintenance of the design system. In a small team, we've been working on migrating the existing software into a single source of truth, while also enabling the collaboration between designers and developers as stakeholders of the system.

    Nowadays I am the tech lead and owner of the Component Library, together with a designer. We're working on enabling teams to adopt Kompas in their way of working and maintain and improve the design system as a whole over time.

  5. BAAS: Take control of your campaign

    The BAAS software system has several roles, but the most important is showing marketing data from different sources and presenting it to the user in a clear manner in the form of dashboards. For this, more than 15 different data sources are accessed every night with hundreds of different measurement data. These are imported and normalized using a pipeline so that the data from different data sources can be compared over a given unit. This tool contains the most important data within the organization and is consulted daily by almost all employees in order to determine campaign budgets, reach and actions. The team consists of specialists in the field of backend or frontend and develops new features in a Kanban method. We have a lot of autonomy to be able to implement the best solutions for the technical challenges.

  6. Doen Vandaag

    Doen Vandaag is a side project of mine which I've developed to stimulate parents of young children to find nice, active, educative and creative activities. Suggestions where based on smart assumptions such as weather, seasons and other events.

    This project allows for me to experiment with new techniques and features, such as a Google Assistant application, a native mobile app and web application.

  7. ProRail: Spoordata informatieportaal

    The Spoordata Informatieportaal is a web portal where all sorts of documents are exposed via an advanced search mechanism. The goal of the portal was to act as a connecting platform where most (if not all) of the already existing document systems could publish their content and have a single source of querying related information.

    The target audience would range from ad hoc maintenance, for contractors working on a high priority task, in which case localised data and logs would be more important than anything. It could also serve to aggregate data with the purpose of planning maintenance or expansions of the services, where other criteria would have higher priority.

    As the lead frontend engineer I was responsible of setting up the architecture of the application and overseeing the implementation of features.

  8. Ministry of Defense: Advance Passenger Information (API-3)

    This system is being used by Koninklijke Marechaussee to compare passenger data with watchlists and manual profiles. It supports the border control process for air and sea ports. The most important property is to quickly show actual and relevant data.

    As a developer in the Scrum development team I was responsible for adding new features, improving existing features and setting up a reliable build process for the software.

    On top of that I was responsible for laying a foundation for a company wide standard way of working in terms of front end development using automated tools, guidelines and workshops.


    For the online webshop I was acting project manager for the organisation. The entire e-commerce proces (webshop to warehouse) flows through a system developed by The Cre8ion.Lab specifically for the customer.

    With my knowledge and experience on the system, customer and end user, I advise practical solutions to challenges, with an emphasis om a good user experience. Taking into considering that automating is key to a scalable system.

  10. Fair Play Casino: Gold Rush

    Commissioned by Crossmarks and The Cre8ion.Lab, I've built a web application for Fair Play Casino, with which draws could be generated and presented during live events.

    Next to this, I've worked on a platform where casinos could, using Android devices, issue tickets and validate issued tickets.

  11. Miscellaneous

    Working for an agency, I've worked at a lot of different types of projects. I've worked on several websites for festivals, such as Festival Mundial, Smeerboel, Soenda, Extrema Outdoor, Solar and Paaspop where the priority lies in developing an enchanting interface.

    Other than that, I've worked on different types of webshops, working on delivering a solid e-commerce experience, and I've worked on several other websites for large organisations in the Netherlands.

    A special collaboration was between The Cre8ion.Lab and Studio HeyHeyHey, where we worked on an art installation called Melvin the Magical Mixed Media Machine. Melvin is a Rube Goldberg machine, built for the Dutch Design Week in 2011.

    The chain reaction of Melvin developed in a modular way and between physical reactions, we've built some digital interactions as well, as taking photos and posting to social media, to give Melvin an online presence as well.