1. Combining ReactJS and VueJS in one website using Astro 🚀

    Posted last year

    With the second major version already released, there's a buzz surrounding Astro and it's hyper performant content focussed web applications. Apart from the focus on speed, Astro is also labeled itself as a "all-in-one" web framework.

    All-in-one meaning that it supports most modern frontend frameworks with zero configuration. I decided to research that claim and I am pleasantly surprised!

  2. Auto generate anchor links in Contentful & documentToHtmlString

    Posted last year

    For this very blog I sometimes want to do internal linking. A common practice for my writing is to have a heading that marks the beginning of a relevant section. Rather than managing the anchor links by hand, I used the `documentToHtmlString` method (provided by Contentful to convert the document structure to HTML structure) to do it for me and generate predictable anchors.

  3. Automated moderation using OpenAI

    Posted 2 years ago

    With AI systems on the rise, I think it's valid to take a look at where they can play a role in supporting our tasks now and for the future. The OpenAI platform allows you to make use of published algorithms in a fairly straightforward way. It's the perfect gateway drug into AI and Machine Learning!

    In this tutorial we'll take a look at a specific API, namely the one that helps you in intercepting user input by applying natural language interpretation to use as moderation.

  4. Using reference based linking from Contentful

    Posted 2 years ago

    With some nicely formatted content, the blog becomes readable, so let's improve the internal linking system by investigating the Tags in relation to Articles. This will allow users to navigate and group articles based on a common tag.

    Requirement for this step is to have multiple articles added, where some have a common tag.

  5. Marking up the Contentful contents

    Posted 2 years ago

    Now that we have some content exposed, it might have occurred that it's not really anything useful for a visitor. We're getting a JSON shape from the Contentful API, so let's make turn that into HTML markup using the tools that Contentful provides.