1. Gotta have more Cowbell

    This talk is about adopting new frameworks. In this case getting familiar with Vue3, TypeScript and building a small application with it.

    Key takeaway here is that learning should be fun and you should pick a method that fits with your method of learning (reading documentation, doing video tutorials, writing articles or building stuff).

    This talk has a length of approximately 20 minutes and features some live coding. It is suitable for beginner to intermediate developer audience.

  2. Nuxt as the Backbone of Scalable E-Commerce

    At the 2022 NuxtNation Conference my talk on how Nuxt can fit in with enterprise scale architectures. I gave an inspirational talk about how we at Jumbo Supermarkten have devised a platform to publish our E-Commerce.

    It starts with a bit of context and a short history, where we will start to apply the changes that are needed to move to the newly built platform.

    The talk is about 20 minutes long.

  3. Maintaining a Component Library at Scale

    At the 2022 FrontMania conference I gave a lightning talk about how at Jumbo Supermarkten we are able to leverage the potential of the entire Frontend Chapter to maintain and improve our Component Library.

    I gave a bit of context on why we think this is a good idea, how we've organised ourselves and what (automated) measures we put in place to streamline our process.

    Being a lightning talk, it is about 15 minutes long and doesn't require highly technical knowledge to understand the concept.

  4. Building a Frontend Platform with Nuxt

    My dear colleague Yassine and I spoke together a the VueJS Amsterdam ❤️ conference in 2022, where we detailed the way we are building a Frontend Platform to server our customer needs.

    In the talk we provide some context on why we made the decisions that lead the way to the solution that fitted best for us.

    During the conference Yassine takes over halfway (being part of the team that is building the solution) to explain how it works and what challenges we overcame.

    The talk is about 20 minutes long and doesn't require highly technical knowledge.

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  5. Snowflakes are the worst

    When dealing with an organisation where you use a component library and each team maintains its own domain, there is an easy pitfall of adding small bits of "domain specific" components to your own code base.

    In a 15 minute talk I explain why this is a bad practice and how to arrange for a workflow where snowflakes (as these custom tailored components are often called) are prevented.

    This is a talk that is suitable for developers as well as designers, since the topic spans both disciplines and isn't technical.