1. Honey, where are my tests?

    Reading time: 6 minutes

    Having identified a number of different types of tests, you can already imagine that each tests has its own place in the process.

    The process here is key: because software development is complex and consists of several steps, it just makes sense to validate each of these steps. We'll outline a lineair process, but of course in practice there's more iteration between steps. That's fine and is in fact where tests offer the confidence of moving back and forth!

  2. A testing series: Different types of testing

    Reading time: 7 minutes

    Software development is complex. It involves people talking about an idea or concept and then translating it to code. The code then is compiled, packages or run and we expect a certain result. In all of these (generic) steps, there's room for complexity, interpretation and errors to sneak into the software.

    Luckily, testing software has matured and expanded to a level where we can confidently release code that doesn't break on build, only changes where change is needed and the features can even be asserted before writing a single line of code!