1. In-Source Tests with Vitest

    Reading time: 5 minutes
    Posted 2 months ago

    Vue adopted a Single File Component philosophy, which has some benefits over splitting concerns, which you can read up on in the official Vue Docs. From a SFC philosophy, you’d want everything that relates to your component in a Single File. So let’s explore this take with our component tests as well, because why would your tests be any different than your scripts, template or styles?

    We’re going to leverage a feature that Vitest offers, out of the box, to a Vue example code base. Bear in mind that this approach would be applicable to other implementations that leverage Vitest just as easy. Also, this is a thought experiment.

  2. Astronauts assemble!

    Reading time: 3 minutes
    Posted last year

    Astro is the new cool kid in town, promising super fast websites with minimum page load. That sounds interesting and Astro has some out of the box improvements that look really promising. So let's discover what the Buzz (all astro related puns are intended) is all about! πŸ‘¨πŸ»β€πŸš€

    Astro is a modern, fast, and lightweight meta framework for building web applications. It is built on top of popular web technologies like React, Vue, and Svelte, and provides a simple, intuitive way to build high-performance web applications.