With over a decade worth of experience in developing and designing software from different context, I have built up a broad background in development, engineering and architecture. I am good at understanding and applying the needs of different stakeholders, be it a developer, business and end user. My capabilities of pinpointing the underlying problem help us in applying a fitting solution. With the knowledge and broad perspective I can draft practical recommendations.

I am passionate about gaining and sharing knowledge. That's why I am involved in several initiatives that contribute to that goal. I've acted as a mentor (via CodingCoach.io and Polywork) and am actively involved with educational facilities to provide feedback and assessments. In addition, I've also discovered the joy of speaking and presenting at meetups and conferences.

Joran Quinten speaking

You'll find my writings and thoughts gathered in the Articles section. I do post them occasionally on other platforms, such as Medium and Dev.to, but I believe it's important to have the ability to keep full ownership on the content you've created.